The Top 5 Ethical Businesses That You Need To Know About

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When you start out as a business, it can be easy to lose sight of what you originally set out to achieve.
In a world of cost-cutting, stream-lining and morality-betrayal, a journey to make a business profitable can sometimes mean you take a step off your ethical road.
To prove that you can make a successful business while keeping your ethics intact, we’ve picked a handful of companies who are doing it right.
Here are The Top 5 Ethical Businesses That You Need To Know About:

1) Cowherds Cafe and Juicery

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Who they are: This Salford-based social enterprise is a completely vegan business who make some incredible juices. They work with the community across Manchester to educate and highlight the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!


2) Otter & Goat

Who they are: Organic, Eco-Friendly and Sustainable clothing for men and women. As well as making sure their clothes look amazing, they donated £1 of every sale to charity. What more can be said?!


3) Brighter World Energy

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Who they are: An energy provider that supplies energy to Africa every time a customer makes the switch them. As well as having an incredible business stance, the CEO is an inspiration to women-in-business everywhere!


4) Pop Up Bikes

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Who they are: After struggling to find a safe place to store his bike in the city, Dipak Patel saw a gap in the market. Not wanting people to have to compromise their eco-friendly transportation, he created Pop Up Bikes. The business offers cycle storage for 100 bikes plus repair services and a coffee shop.


5) V-Rev Diner

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Who they are: Who says that American-style diner food needs meat?! V-Rev Diner in Manchester’s Northern Quarter is full of large portion delights that will make your mouth water with excitement. Completely vegan, completely cruelty-free. Winner winner, tofu dinner!

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