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Talk with me, not at me – The Top 3 Ways to Engage with Millennials Online

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Who wants to be spoken ‘at’? No one. Especially not Millennials.
They’ve grown up in an age of mass-communication, pay-per-minute and try before you buy.
As well as having much less regard to ownership than their parents, they understand that there is one thing they have ample amount; choice.
If you want your brand to break through the sea of shouting voices, you need to perfect the way you engage with Millennials through your digital platforms.
To get you started, we’ve compiled our Top 3 Ways to Engage with Millennials online:

1) Ask their opinion

Whether it’s a Twitter poll, a focus group or an online Q&A, people love to give their opinion.
In fact, 73% of Millennials read other people’s opinions before they make a purchase (source: bazaar voice).
Take advantage of this statistic by using reviews and polls to direct your content marketing strategy. Ask your audience for feedback on your product/service and then use the most relevant to publicly promote your ability to adapt to the needs of the customer.
This method of engagement is popular with global coffee-giant Starbucks. Last year, they launched a campaign with a separate Twitter account called My Starbucks Idea and achieved a plethora of innovations that continues to help their brand develop based on consumer feedback.



2) Join the discussion

News and current affairs provide a great opportunity to engage with your audience when they are already active.
There’s a few of ways of doing this effectively.
One way is to highlight dates of significance that naturally align with your brand. For example, Specsavers recognised the opportunity with World Glaucoma Week and were able to inject themselves in the debate.


Another option is using famous National dates/events to place your brand’s ethical stance or opinion on something otherwise unrelated to your product or service. An example of this can be seen with Oreo’s ‘Rainbow Cookie’ activity for LGBT Pride month.



The latter does run the risk of isolating those who don’t agree with your opinion but arguably provides much wider discussion involving your brand!
Otherwise, if you don’t want to wait for a National event see what your audience is talking about and start some one-on-one dialogs with Tweet replies and comments.


3) Assume intelligence

If there’s one thing that Millennials hate, it’s being patronised.
Over-explaining your brand or using condescending language is a big no-no when it comes to this generation.
When you’re planning and posting your content, assume that they have a relative degree of understanding for the subject matter.
Even if they don’t, Millennials are an intelligent bunch and will actively research so they know what you’re talking about.
Take Innocent. What do you think the weather was like when they sent out this gem of a tweet?


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