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The Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic

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Your Instagram feed is a visual representation of your brand and it takes your customer mere seconds to make a decision on whether they like it or not.
Curating your brand’s visual identity is not a simple as choosing a filter and sticking to it. You need to really think about what you want your customer to see as soon as they land on your profile and how it’ll make them come back for more.
Looking for Instagram feed inspiration? Check out our hotlist of top tips on how you can step up your Insta-game, plus examples of brands who are nailing it!
The Top 4 Ways to Improve Your Instagram Aesthetic:


1) Bordering on beautiful

If you want your Insta-posts to have an instant pop, choose a border style that works for you.

All white, square borders give a nice, clean visual on your feed whereas a black border provides a film-like edge to darker photos.

Why not break from the norm and use rectangular style? Instagram let you post landscape and portrait borders and it creates a great effect when someone visits your feed.

The only key to implementing a border on your Instagram posts is keeping that style consistent across all your posts.

Evelyns Cafe Bar – an amazing restaurant in Manchester’s Northern Quarter – have perfected the bordering style.




2) All white you beauty

Creating a white-theme on your Insta is a full time job but the results can be stunning.

You will need a lot of natural light, oversaturating filters and patience. You should also pick one or two natural colours (like green or beige) that complements the white to give it that ‘oh-so-wholesome’ feel as soon as you step onto the feed.

Vegan-friendly Nicely Kitchen used white space throughout their feed. Putting focus on their delicious products, this business has an Instagram as strong as it’s ethics.


A post shared by Nicely Kitchen (@nicelykitchen) on



3) The magnificent dark

Alternatively, you could choose dark colours to make your Insta stand out from the crowd.

Keeping your saturation low and using filters like HB2 on VSCO cam will create a moody aesthetic that can be mysteriously beautiful.

Pops of white will also make important posts stand out in a dark theme so use it wisely.

Incarnate Clothing opt for a black and white theme with the occasional, saturated-colour post – a beautifully dark aesthetic.




4) A colour pop!

Have one colour that you’re in love with? Then use it as your brand staple and add a pop of colour to every post.

Millennial pink is very on-trend at the moment with a lot of brands adopting last year’s Pantone colour of the year to add a pastel feeling to their feed.

The style can be done with any colour it just needs to be complimentary to the rest of the picture.

The newly-opened Form Lifestyle Store bring the greenery in their feed. Their clean, crisp posts are sprinkled with the colour which makes a beautiful effect.



Taking the time to get your Insta-gram feed is important so if you need help, talk to Loaded Hype today.

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