#InstaMummy – The Top 4 Power Instagram Mummies Who Are Redefining Parenting

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Parenthood is hard.
But finding a community of supportive experts couldn’t be easier.
You’ve read our list of Instagrans that you should be following – now we take a look at a very different social media group.
Mummy-bloggers are a huge online community (and market) that have redefined the image of parenting and changed the way Millennials access information.
Here’s our pick of the Top 4 Power Instagram Mummies Who Are Redefining Parenting:


1) @Mutha.hood

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Name: Gemma

Who: Founder of #motheringlikeaboss community and key influencer in the UK mummy-blogger community. She blogs about parenting and regularly attends events and talks across the country.

Followers: 32,698


2) @mother_freckle

Name: Sammi-Jo

Who: Manchester-based, award-winning parenting blogger who is prolific in the North West. She is an influential blogger who is active within the community and often cross-collaborates with other bloggers.

Followers: 11,487


3) @papa_pukka

Name: Matt

Who: Not exactly a ‘mummy’ but this daddy-blogger is husband to famed author and blogger, mutha_pukka. Most popular male parenting blogger in the UK and posts about everyday life with the children.

Followers: 29,856


4) @whatkatysaiduk

Name: Katy

Who: Award-nominated lifestyle blogger and mother-of-three. Katy’s blog talks about the ups-and-downs of parenting, reassuring new parents that brining up a child can be a rollercoaster!

Followers: 10,820

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